Dear California Resident,

Due to the Proposition 65 California initiative, Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. has undergone a rigorous analysis of the materials used in the products we manufacture as well as those sourced from third-party suppliers.  We have determined that some of our products contain BPA (see list below). The risk associated due to skin contact with the products we sell containing BPA is miniscule. Given the very broad terms regarding BPA in Prop 65, however, Eschenbach Optik of America is choosing a conservative approach to this matter and has begun labeling all products sold in California containing BPA.

For further information please contact customer service at (800) 487-5389 or email them at

If you would like to order labels, you can fill out the BPA Sticker Request Form.


Eschenbach Products That Contain BPA (Bisphenol-A):

1438-8 MenasZoom

14388-907 MenasZoom Display

1511-10 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 10x (BPA in filter caps)

1511-12 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 12.5x (BPA in filter caps)

1511-2 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 3x (BPA in filter caps)

1511-3 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 3.5x (BPA in filter caps)

1511-4 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 4x (BPA in filter caps)

1511-41 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 4x (BPA in filter caps)

1511-5 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 5x (BPA in filter caps)

1511-6 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 6x (BPA in filter caps)

1511-7 Mobilux LED Hand-held - 7x (BPA in filter caps)

1521-10 easyPocket - Black, 3x

1521-11 easyPocket - Silver, 3x

1521-22 easyPocket - Blue, 4x

1522-10 easyPocket XL - Black, 2.5x

1522-11 easyPocket XL - Silver, 2.5x

1566 Visolux+

1599-144 LED Battery Handle (BPA in filter caps)

1604-2 Headlight LED with Select Attachments

1624-11 MaxTV

1624-31 MaxEvent

1624-4 MaxTV Clip

1624-51 MaxDetail

1624-52 Headlight LED with MaxDetail

1624-6 MaxDetail Clip

1625 Mounting Kit

1627-03 Telescope Mounting Adapter

1711 Designo - Pocket Magnifier

2771-104 Vario Maxi

2772-204 Vario

2777-0 Vario LED Lamp Magnifier

2777-01 Lens for 2777 Lamp Magnifier

2781 Vario LED Flex Lamp Magnifier

2781-5 Vario LED Flex XL Lamp Magnifier

2913-XXX Rimless Reading Glasses/All Sku's

2916-115 Clip&Read - Red, +1.50D

2916-125 Clip&Read - Red, +2.50D

2916-215 Clip&Read - Gray, +1.50D

2916-225 Clip&Read - Gray, +2.50D

BE-525 Mirage Binocular Telescope (5x25)

BE-525-OD Mirage Monocular Telescope (5x25) Right

BE-525-OS Mirage Monocular Telescope (5x25) Left

BE-730 Mirage Binocular Telescope (7x30)

BE-731-OD Mirage Monocular Telescope (7x30) Right

BE-731-OS Mirage Monocular Telescope (7x30) Left

BP-2286 Chameleon LED Table Lamp

FGX-XXXXX Private Eyes Reading Glasses/All Sku's

FGX-101XXX LightSpecs Reading Glasses/All Sku's

FGX-101XXX MicroVision Reading Glasses/All Sku's

FGX-PXXX Polinelli Readers/All Sku's

H-4511XXXXXX Circuit FLEX Sunglasses/All Sku's

TAE-3HXXXX Haven Sunglasses/All Sku's

TAE-XXXXXX SolarShield Sunglasses/All Sku's

TAE-6V55XX Solar Comfort Sunglasses/All Sku's